Keep hydrated during the summer

At this time of year, keeping cool and hydrated is more important than ever.

What’s the first thing you think about after you’ve booked your summer holiday? Getting fit so you can enjoy your beach lifestyle of course! When it’s summer time, and the weather is fine the majority of your staff are bound to be thinking about their beach bodies and therefore upping their daily fitness routines, whether it’s taking the stairs rather than the lift or jogging into work in the morning.

The lovely warm summer weather combined with a more active team means you need to make sure your staff are keeping themselves hydrated throughout the day, helping them to keep happy and productive! The easy answer to this mammoth task is a drinks machine.

It’s pretty well known that if the temperature is high or you’re exercising, you need to drink more. So if it’s hot AND you’re exercising, then you really have to drink more to make up for it! Although water is definitely the most obvious choice (and available in our machines) when it comes to keeping hydrated it is good to have a choice of hot and cold drinks to hand. A balance of drinks from our drinks vending machines could be just the thing you’re looking for to keep your staff happy and hydrated.

Our drinks machines range from 400 to 1375 cup capacity, hold 8 to 16 hot and cold drinks selections, as well as a huge choice of over 25 great tasting drinks from the brands you know and love. That’s a lot of choice! So there isn’t really any excuse for your staff to be dehydrated during the summer if you have a drinks machine just down the hall. They can wander over and enjoy their drink of choice quickly and simply whenever they want – all without taking too much time out of their day. Here’s to more sunshine, more exercise and more drinks!

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